Conveyor systems for material flow optimisation

  • Hinged plate link belt conveyor
  • Push-rod conveyor
  • Chain conveyor
  • Scraper conveyor
  • Screw/spiral conveyor
  • Intermittent feeder
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Conveyor technology

Solitary solutions or full conveyor systems

Our products can be used for various applications in modern conveying technology depending on the desired needs and technological requirements. These include, for example, individual components for transporting:

  • Cast iron and steel chips (chip conveyor)
  • Waste from pressing and stamping (scrap conveyor)
  • Chip briquettes
  • Scrap bales
  • Electronic scrap
  • Cast and forged parts
  • Wood waste
  • Recycling material, glass breakage, electronic scrap
  • Piece goods

We offer and develop custom conveyor systems for complex needs, which are used by combining various individual conveyors for disposing of entire production halls. These include, for example:

  • Chip disposal systems
  • Scrap metal disposal systems